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Service de famille

Play with your food!

Forget what your mum and dad told you. Food is there to be played with.

That's why Polinko has crafted Service de Famille, a dinner set that celebrates meals à la française. Where food is a treat and every dinner a party.

Each piece features a member of a foodie family with something important missing: their hair. It's up to you to get creative and give them a style. Using food.

A spaghetti short-back-and-sides. A bob built from burger. Or a mullet made of, er, a mullet. Anything goes as long as it's fun.

So prepare to meet the family: le Père & la Mère (main plates, ø 210 mm); le Grand-père & la Grand-mère (soup plates, ø 200 mm); and le Fils & la Fille (small plates, ø 190 mm).

And in case you're wondering where this family's from, the set is manufactured in Prague by the Hidden Factory. It's fine white porcelain baked at 1,220°C – so everything's stain-resistant, and safe in your microwave and dishwasher.

Bon appétit!

Who is Polinko?

Also known as Pauline Kerleroux, Polinko is a French graphic designer and art director living in London.

She was born and raised in Quimper – a city in Brittany renowned for its handpainted porcelain – where her grandmother owned a tableware store.

While studying in Prague she got to know the Hidden Factory, an exclusive ceramic company that selects young designers' projects and produces them with the finest Bohemian traditions and savoir-faire.